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Tips for giving advice at a wedding

At friend’s wedding in Church (some weeks back), I was “listening” to the priest give the couple some advice about marriage. But it wasn’t my wedding, so I wasn’t paying very much attention. Hence, “listening”. In quotes. Instead my mind … Continue reading

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Wedding Wishes

I got a message from a colleague who invited me to his wedding lunch banquet. He was marrying another colleague.  I clarified if I were the only one invited or if I could bring PL and Z. I had assumed … Continue reading

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I didn’t think I’d be getting married again

Last year, when we were preparing for our wedding, the Church asked for my Baptism Certificate. I couldn’t find it so I wrote to the secretary of the parish where I was Baptised to ask for a copy. Then, this … Continue reading

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[Some musings from just before and just after the wedding.] When we first announced our wedding/impending marriage, what surprised me was the heartfelt wishes from many of my friends. Some were sparing in their words. “Congratulations!” was a frequent word. … Continue reading

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Return to Boon Lay Raja

Okay, one more post on the restaurant. We returned to the restaurant (a Friday, about 4 weeks after the wedding) because we had cancelled (or closed) one table on the night of the wedding dinner. However, we had to pay … Continue reading

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Half empty? Half full? All good.

One of the tips we got about organising a wedding was “spend more on food”. We interpreted that as “focus on the food”. Certainly this was especially true in “foodie” Singapore. For the church reception, we decided to go with … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Intolerably Brief Kind.

I prefer small gatherings to large. Five persons is about all I can handle. Two hundred and fifty guests is just a statistic. Ok, excluding the 60 “new” relatives (on PL’s side), and about 30 friends and relatives of my … Continue reading

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