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Plans for Tasmania

Fall colours in the Cradle Mountains of Tasmania should be gorgeous. There are no direct flights to Hobart from SG. Most have a stopover – either Melbourne or Sydney. So why not spend a few days in Sydney? Or Melbourne? … Continue reading

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Australia by Motor Home

[A little late but relevant.] I hate driving. Particularly in Singapore. Where the roads are congested, where junctions are within spitting distances of each other, where you have to start to brake even before you’re done accelerating. Where the drivers … Continue reading

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Australian Riddles

Riddles I thought of while in Western Australia. (Try these on your kids). Q: What do you get when you cross a Cow and a Kangaroo? A: A Kowgaroo Q: Why did the farmer get a Kowgaroo? A: He wanted … Continue reading

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Top Ten Alternative uses for Vegemite

So PL loves Vegemite. You know, that quintessential component of “How Australian are You?” quiz? Which is similar to Marmite, and Bovril. The black, gooey, too-salty-to-be-possible substance that Australians spread on their toast? We saw a vegemite and cheese sausage … Continue reading

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