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Gender difference indifference

“Zoe, are you a boy or girl?” “errr… boy!” “Mommy boy or girl?” “Boy!” Daddy? Boy or girl?” “Girl!” “Ok. Let’s go tell mommy.” Brought her to PL. “OK, Zoe. Mommy boy or girl?” “Err… Girl!” “Daddy? Boy or girl?” … Continue reading

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It used to be that if Z were chasing me, she would simply chase me following the direction I took. Today, when I went around a pillar, from the left, she would go to the right of the pillar, anticipating … Continue reading

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Camembert-by, Brie my baby

I found “Cheeza” at a Japanese mini-mart. Not to be confused with “Chizza” which is KFC’s Fried Chicken as pizza (which we had tried and we did not think was that good). Cheeza is a cheese-flavoured biscuit. And the flavour … Continue reading

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Sink or Swim

PL has signed Z up for an introductory swim class. Z hates water. She hates getting water on her face. She was a cat in a previous life. We think/believe. In the form, there is a space for special information … Continue reading

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A Nice Cat-holic Girl

Z had an Angry Cat phase, when she was about 4 months old, and her grumbling sounded like a gunny sack of angry cats. But we got her exorcised of the Angry Cat (movie version), but she still has an … Continue reading

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