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A life’s work

My Nephew and Godson J, asked me, “Is it true that if you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life?” “The ‘follow your passion’ advice?” He nodded. “Do you know about … Continue reading

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Anchovies and Lime

PL loves salty food. Salted fish. Salted Egg. Salted vegetables. Chai Po Omelette. Vegemite/Bovril/Marmite. Cooking to satisfy her is therefore rather easy. Just make sure it is salty enough. So I introduced her to Anchovies, western style. These are the … Continue reading

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Telling Jokes

I joke a lot. And I have a running joke with Z. I’d call her, and when she looks at me, I say, “Poot! Poot! Poot!” Then she smiles. Or grins. And sometimes, she laughs out loud. Sometimes, I’d say, … Continue reading

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Our mini pseudo-Indian Film Festival

PL and I used to watch movies almost every weekend. She isn’t much of a film buff and she lets me pick the movies and I drag her to many a summer-action-blockbuster-testosteroney-more-explosions-than-dialogue movies. Well, “drag” is a bit of an … Continue reading

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Maid in Singapore

I was at a hawker centre having my lunch and I saw an old lady being helped by a maid (or “domestic worker”, if you need to use 5 syllables to be politically correct, or a “foreign domestic worker”, if … Continue reading

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The story so far…

Been pre-occupied by the media storm that was Lee Kuan Yew’s death and the national mourning that followed. Not that we joined the hours long queue to pay our last respects or lined the street in the tropical thunderstorm for … Continue reading

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The Procession

The Man’s funeral cortege proceeded through 15 km of Singapore roads, and people lined the streets to pay him homage. This picture was particularly poignant: Coincidentally, for Catholics (Christians?), it was Palm Sunday, commemorating the day Jesus re-entered Jerusalem (on … Continue reading

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