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The Long Goodbye

Zoe is learning how to say “bye-bye”. Which she accompanies with a backward flapping of her fingers – like she is grasping and ungrasping something in her hand. And her “bye bye” tends to be very soft in volume. And … Continue reading

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When Colin became Canadian

My brother and his family are visiting from Canada. With him are his two kids, Josh and Nat. And Colin (my other brother’s #4) was happy to have a boy his age to interact with (by which I mean play … Continue reading

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The Fear of Living Dangerously

How do I say this without pissing off some people? Let’s go with “The fear of death does not keep one from dying. It just keeps one from living.” Recently, the IARC declared that processed meat causes cancer. Hey, the … Continue reading

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Social Baby

I’m quite sure it is not my imagination, but Z has an affinity for Indians. There are a lot of Indian or South Asian foreign workers living in Geylang area, and we would be on the bus with them, or … Continue reading

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On Laziness…

There was a cat at my block. Every morning, when I leave for work, it would be curled up on the step. “Goodbye cat. I wish I were you and didn’t have to go to work.” And the cat would … Continue reading

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