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Size does matter (about Sio Bak)

Size matters. Until this year (2016), I have been roasting sio bak in cheap, “portable” (or table-top/ counter-top) ovens ranging in size from about 30 litres to 45 litres. I did notice that with the larger ovens, the results were … Continue reading

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My Silly Stunt Baby

Zoe started to walk a few days after her 13th month. It was an exciting time for her, shambling from her mom to her dad. Every step a thrill, a delight, an excitement, an achievement. At first, it was just … Continue reading

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Zoe Catches a Cold

And a cough. And I am typing this one-handed. Cos my left arm has fallen off. Or is no longer responding. Let me start with that Friday (the week before CNY), when Zoe had a cough and had trouble sleeping. … Continue reading

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My Little Spice Girl

I had a craving for good hot and sour soup. So I went looking for a recipe on the web (found this:…/hot-and-sour-soup-food-lab-rec…, which seems pretty serious about its hot and sour soup). Anyway, the next day, I went to … Continue reading

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Enduring Relationships

We had dinner at our coffee shop because it was late, it was a long day, and I wanted something soupy. Well, I didn’t managed to get something soupy, but it was still a long day (a good day, but … Continue reading

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