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Bathroom mat fries

I show Z the waffle-cut potatoes I had prepared before baking. She said, “looks like bathroom mat”. Which, of course, they did. Advertisements

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Bun Cha Siew

President Obama was hosted to Vietnamese Bun Cha Noodles by Anthony Bourdain in May 2016, and so I had to find out what is Bun Cha (pronounced “boon keat”). I found this video on YouTube¬†(you can hear the pronunciation at … Continue reading

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Mini Porchetta (the journey)

I have been intrigued by Porchetta, since watching this video. That was just a “tourist” or promotional video. There are also recipes videos. This one made me drool. I like Food Wishes recipe videos. And Chef John offered this “baby … Continue reading

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Mulled Wine in Singapore (Updated)

… is not very popular. Or maybe it’s not its time yet. Firstly, we are just maturing as a nation of wine drinkers. Maybe not even that. Secondly, mulled wine is served warm to beat the winter’s chill. Singapore is … Continue reading

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(Slightly) Healthier Instant Noodles (SHIN!)

Instant Noodles are bad for you. Not really news. But a Harvard study had to confirm it. It was probably an easy A. BUT… hundreds of thousands if not millions of poor students depend on it! Not to mention the … Continue reading

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Frozen Margarita Dreams

I like Ice Kachang. I haven’t had a Frozen Margarita in years. ICE KACHANG MARGARITAS! An idea I have been thinking about since January this year (2016). How to make: Make Ice Kachang as per normal.

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Salad days

I have friends who are vegetarians. And there are different vegetarians. Some simply will not eat meat and that is defined as the flesh of land animals – birds and beasts. Seafood though are not defined as meat. These are … Continue reading

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