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One of the first songs I adopted as a lullaby for Z was, “Lion Sleeps Tonight”. There is a very practical reason for that choice. There is a lot of… “scatting”? The “we-mo-way” and “de-de-de-de” that goes in between actual … Continue reading

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Family Name

Zoe’s at the stage in her language learning where she hasn’t quite figured out how to reverse perspective – I am sure that language experts have a technical word or phrase for this. Basically, PL might say to Z, “Let … Continue reading

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“Zoe? Did you poop-poop?” “NooOOOooo!” she would say vehemently. Her “No” dragged out, then rising in tone in the middle, and then falling and stopping abruptly. By now we knew that if she doth protesteth too much, it meant it … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones

I broke the screen of my phone early this year. It was the second time. In about 3¬†years. This phone is one of the last Nokia phones – the Nokia Lumia 920 (there was the Lumia 1020 after that, but … Continue reading

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Z Parrot

Z is at the stage where she is picking up words she hears and repeating them. Usually just one word out of the whole sentence. So I might say, “oh man! It’s so hot today I could just die!” And … Continue reading

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Frozen Margarita Dreams

I like Ice Kachang. I haven’t had a Frozen Margarita in years. ICE KACHANG MARGARITAS! An idea I have been thinking about since January this year (2016). How to make: Make Ice Kachang as per normal.

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High Brow – A personal rant

In the long history of human mating/dating, no man has ever said, “wow! look at the brows on that chick!” Which makes women who spent an inordinate amount of time on their eyebrows, demented people. (Apologies to any demented people … Continue reading

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