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Bohemian Rhapsody Kiddie Ride

Z likes to sit on my lap and ask for a “kiddie ride”. Which is when I raise my toes up and down and simulate the motion of a cheap kiddie ride (my in-laws used to give Z lots of … Continue reading

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My in-laws have bought a flat in my block…

Time to move. 🙂  

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Singapore’s Valley Girls

PL and I were browsing at a shop when two girls, about lower secondary age, wandered into our vicinity and got excited about the goods on display. “Ohmygod! So cuuuute!” one of them went. They chattered on in high speed … Continue reading

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Even the gods must stand…

There is an “advantage” in living in a neighbourhood with strong traditions. Or at least, merchants with a strong sense of tradition, and religiosity. At the market, there is an altar to Tua Pek Kong (I believe), with incense, and … Continue reading

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Stagecraft – Black hat, White hat

In my childhood, we had the older girls of my neighbours babysitting or caring us. So my mom tells us. I don’t really remember. But the girls (or women now) grew up with us, or there was never a time when … Continue reading

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Geylang Girl in Toa Payoh

We moved back to Toa Payoh about a week before Christmas. Zoe has adjusted well. As has her grandmother. She has more space to run around (Zoe mainly, but her grandmother too) and the neighbourhood is more interesting (again for … Continue reading

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Changes after a year

On the last day of 2015, as I was leaving for work (late), I met the foreign worker who was sweeping the corridor outside my flat. (I assume that he is foreign because he is young, Indian, and working as … Continue reading

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