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Daddy’s milk

“I want Daddy’s milk!” Z declares. No, I have not started lactating. Though it is not unheard of. But it usually involves hormone injections. Anyway, if I do start lactating, I’ll immediately suspect my wife of spiking my food and … Continue reading

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The Scent (or stink) of Age

I’m starting to smell like an old man. It’s the smell of koyok – the medicated heat patch (a.k.a. the “Ben Gay smell”). The old man’s (or person’s) smell. And today I restrained myself from having a “Dad moment“. My … Continue reading

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Health, Medicine and Suicidal Thoughts

No, I’m not having suicidal thoughts. Now, my usual rambly introduction. The internet and interconnectedness means that it is really hard to prevent information from flowing across borders and sometimes in unexpected ways. To watch shows in the US, there … Continue reading

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The Fear of Living Dangerously

How do I say this without pissing off some people? Let’s go with “The fear of death does not keep one from dying. It just keeps one from living.” Recently, the IARC declared that processed meat causes cancer. Hey, the … Continue reading

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The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

As we fed Z her favourite treats (cereal stars or yoghurt melts), I was teasing her by pulling the treat away from her mouth at the last moment. Z is wonderfully good-natured and allows me my little joke and laughs … Continue reading

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Indignant – Spirit of the Pioneer Generation

On the way to work on Tues, 18 Aug, we were in a cab with the radio tuned to a Chinese radio station and a caller was on the line. It was before 8 am. The caller identified herself as … Continue reading

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Alternative Therapy – Probiotics

If you google “Probiotics”, you will get a lot of results for various options for probiotics products. Yakult and Vitagen are most well-known. The general idea of Probiotics is this: you have bacteria in your gut that is essential for … Continue reading

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