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Ravel’s Bolero

Since Z likes to watch YouTube, I thought I should introduce her to classical music (and I think “Bolero” is classical music. My daughter is doomed!) Anyway, I showed her this, expecting her to lose interest after about 3 minutes … Continue reading

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Walking Zoe

Picking Z up from nursery can be quite emotionally disheartening. If you are not emotionally strong, like PL & me. Usually her grandparents (PL’s parents) will pick her up, so I do not know if she is also distant and … Continue reading

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Tales of a Dragon Dad (and a Cow Mom)

There was this news story “Why there’s no other option but to be a ‘Dragon Mum’” about how a mother tried to take it easy with her child to let him learn and develop at his own pace, and how … Continue reading

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A Womb with a View

So Z was lolling about in bed and she found a rubber band. “Where did this rubber band come from?” she asked. “Well, when a daddy rubber band loves a mommy rubber band a lot, they make baby rubber bands,” … Continue reading

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Deciding to be a parent

So there was this question to The Guardian’s “Your Problem Solved” column which is sort of an Agony Aunt, but from the title (“your problem solved”) kinda presumptuous. Or arrogant. So maybe an “Arrogant Aunt” column? Anyway, the letter writer … Continue reading

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