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Alternative Therapy – Probiotics

If you google “Probiotics”, you will get a lot of results for various options for probiotics products. Yakult and Vitagen are most well-known. The general idea of Probiotics is this: you have bacteria in your gut that is essential for … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Baggage

I hate moving. Or packing. But I need to pack up the Toa Payoh flat to renovate it. First some history. I got my flat just after I turned 35, when the regulations allowed me to buy a resale HDB … Continue reading

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Returning to work

I had of course, returned to work a few days after Z’s birth. Now it was PL’s turn. Two weeks before she was due to return, she started taking Z to her parents’ place. The plan was for PL to … Continue reading

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The Dreams that Drive us

PL dreamt that Z drove us in a van. But because Z’s arms were too short (actually, everything about her is too small to be driving a van, but this is a dream), Z was steering the van with her feet … Continue reading

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Giving Z a future

If my job doesn’t require me to plan ahead, I would still do so because that is what I do. Or like to do. So I look at this world and the emerging trends and I wonder. And then Z … Continue reading

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