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Life Lessons from the Kitchen

There are many cooking videos on Youtube by various people and they all make the same mistake of thinking that they are a TV personality and that we are interested in what they look like. Except for Chef John of … Continue reading

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Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is the Hong Kong chain of Dim Sum restaurants that hit Singapore last year (2013 – IIRC). Their debut outlet at Plaza Singapura saw hours-long queue snaking from their entrance. When I first glimpse the restaurant sign-board, … Continue reading

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Fortune favours the prepared.

I returned to Meidi-ya this evening to buy fresh wasabi. Last week while browsing in the supermarket, I found fresh wasabi. The plant. In the chilled food section. It was about 3 inches long with some leaves. A Rhizome. I … Continue reading

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I like Bruschetta. It’s toast with tomato dices. Garlic toast if it is done right. I’ve also had salmon bruschetta. With smoked salmon. I thought it was a great idea! Too bad, the tomatoes kept falling off the toast… So … Continue reading

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We first encountered okonomiyaki in 1998 on our JICA-sponsored trip to Japan. One afternoon, the organisers brought us to an okonomiyaki restaurant for lunch. We were seated at a table with a hot cooking surface in the middle. Then we … Continue reading

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