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My Gripe

So Woodward’s Gripe Water is a traditional home remedy for colic. Which means, it probably has dangerous controlled drugs. Like Coca Cola used to have real cola (which is addictive) and cocaine! I want a Classic Classic Coke! Actually, Woodward’s … Continue reading

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The Man

There is much to admire and respect about the Man, Lee Kuan Yew. But there is only one thing about him that all men can emulate: his role as husband and companion to his wife. Many have said great and … Continue reading

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From “Sentiments” Go, gentle into the good night. The race is run, the battles won Your life’s work has taken all your life Go now to be with your wife Your two loves are Country and Choo, What we owe, … Continue reading

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To Soothe the Savage Breast

PL said to me, “someone should write about the reality of breastfeeding”. She had exclusively breastfed Z for over 3 months, and was now switching over to a mix of breast and formula milk. Eventually, Z would be off breast … Continue reading

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Torturing Kids

At Z’s 3rd month check up and immunisation, the doctor asked if Z could raise her head when she was placed on her tummy. We said we never placed Z on her tummy. So the doctor took Z, carried her … Continue reading

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Watson’s User Modelling

I found this interesting website while surfing the net. It analyses your writing and provides an assessment of your personality. What the model/service measures. It measure 3 or 7 main aspects of your character. What they call the Big 5, … Continue reading

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Third Month

Z is now 59 cm and 5.1 kg. She officially exceeds the weight for “NB” (Newborn) diapers. But they still fit her. She has small hips. In keeping with female vanity, we will continue to let her wear “NB” diapers, … Continue reading

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