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Like a duck to water… not!

Z likes water. But not too much. We tried her out for a swimming lesson. She responded like a cat to water. After that, we decided to get her used to water. So we brought her to the pool at … Continue reading

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Travel broadens the mind – things I learned on my holiday in Tasmania, Australia

Usually, what I learn on travels are more observational – like how Japanese queue for the trains, or how Japanese smokers will brave the rain to stand in unsheltered smoking corners to get their puffs, or the range of goods … Continue reading

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Serendipity, Aurora Borealis, Parenthood, Loy Krathong, Duck Master, and what Life presents

My sister and brother-in-law caught the Northern Lights. My brother in Canada has caught/seen it several times. PL was commenting on it. She said that having seen photos of it, she doesn’t think it’s something that she would want to … Continue reading

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Duty, Courage, and Responsibility

In the last week or so, there were two stories that evoke a response from me. One was the story of Scott Peterson, the Deputy Sheriff at Florida Parkland school shooting who took cover while the gunman was shooting and … Continue reading

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A Dance of Dragons

Z is still fascinated, enthralled by Lion Dances, and all it takes is the rumbling beat and staccato backbeat of the Lion Dancers drums to draw her attention. This evening, she was napping in my bed, when the lion dance … Continue reading

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Gourmet Coffee and the purpose of life

So in the news was the story of “Astronaut Coffee”. Go Google it. I’m sure you can still find reference to it. In case you can’t (or are too lazy to Google), it’s about this New York Cafe owner who … Continue reading

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Milkshots and New Year’s Resolution

Z got to choose her own tea cup from Daiso. She picked a white cup with simple lines and dots in the design that gave the impression of flowers. And it was a small cup. About the size of a … Continue reading

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