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“Mommy, (be) happy!”

In this video, Billy Crystal talks to Stephen Colbert about losing his dad when they were quite young. Advertisements

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Lost in the 3rd Dimension

Recently, my sister and a colleague for different reasons, asked me about my childhood memories. I dunno if it is usual, but I don’t recall vivid episodes of my childhood. I know some things happened. Like I had a series … Continue reading

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Being. And Becoming.

That’s the first step.

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Simple solutions

You may have heard this (untrue) modern parable about how NASA spent millions of dollars to develop a pen that would write in zero gravity. And the Russians simply used a pencil. Simple solution. Not true, but inspiring.

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Ah Ma Poke-Poke Face – the long story

[WARNING: Long Post.] PL’s mother is “Ah Ma” to Z. So to differentiate her mother from mine, my mother is “Ah Ma Poke-Poke Face” because when Z was an infant, she would poke Z’s face to get a reaction from … Continue reading

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The Pain of Simply Existing

It occured to me that my existence has a cost to others. That everyone of us owe our lives to someone who “paid” for our existence. Oh sure, you’re probably thinking, yeah, when we were born, our mothers paid for … Continue reading

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<A post I wrote a year ago almost to the date (26 Oct 2017). I guess it’s matured enough!> A friend once responded to my description of how I sometimes make decisions as “rather random”. When we were dating (or … Continue reading

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