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Wagyu Weekend

I discovered QB foods recently. I was informed that they had affordably priced Wagyu Beef. And I do like Wagyu beef. So I ordered some online. There was a minimum order of $150 to qualify for free delivery. But when … Continue reading

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This is a personal blog. So I blog about personal and mundane things. So this blog post is, if you read the title, about socks. If you read the title and thought, “hmm… a blogpost about socks, why, that’s just … Continue reading

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Till Death Do Us Part…

“Let the dead bury the dead,” says Jesus. So let me bury myself when I’m dead. Or before. But first, Swedish Death Cleaning. In Swedish, the word is “dostadning” and it refers to the act of slowly and steadily decluttering … Continue reading

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The Joyful Priest and the Irritating Parable

We found ourselves on Saturday evening at Our Lady Queen of Peace again. It’s a long story, and I was in Berms and sandals. I know. Some people do think that is acceptable “Sunday Best” or attire for Church, but … Continue reading

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Z rules!

Z was attracted by an arcade and pulled me in to have a look. It has been a while since I stepped into one and one thing that has changed was the Air Hockey game. The basic rules are still … Continue reading

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The Scent (or stink) of Age

I’m starting to smell like an old man. It’s the smell of koyok – the medicated heat patch (a.k.a. the “Ben Gay smell”). The old man’s (or person’s) smell. And today I restrained myself from having a “Dad moment“. My … Continue reading

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“Chikok! Chikok!”

Z took the headlight (a torch/lamp you strap onto your head, not the lights at the front of the car), and was making camera sounds as she pretended to take pictures with her make-believe camera that was the headlight. Somehow, … Continue reading

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