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“Will you protect me?”

During our staycation, I discovered the Fox Movie channel. The first night we caught “Kingsmen – The Golden Circle”. Z watched it until she fell asleep. The next night, the movie was “Logan”. A good movie. Full of pathos. And … Continue reading

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Alone in the dark, with 12 kids

No, not me. As I grow older, I’m getting more… wimpy? mellow? sensitive? Empathetic? Just pathetic? I get news stories on my FB feed, and sometimes I read the headlines and move on. So a few days ago, I read … Continue reading

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Name that tree

“What’s that?” “That? That’s a tree.” “I mean, what’s it called.” “I think she wants to know the name of the tree,” PL explained. “That tree? His name is Jason. That one is James. And that one is Brendon. That … Continue reading

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The key to raising children (according to more experienced parents)

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Independent Z

Z has been exerting her independence with her mom and with me. When PL brings her to school in the morning, Z is often still sleepy and would want to be carried. Especially if I bring her to school (if … Continue reading

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