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Tips for giving advice at a wedding

At friend’s wedding in Church (some weeks back), I was “listening” to the priest give the couple some advice about marriage. But it wasn’t my wedding, so I wasn’t paying very much attention. Hence, “listening”. In quotes. Instead my mind … Continue reading

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Duty, Courage, and Responsibility

In the last week or so, there were two stories that evoke a response from me. One was the story of Scott Peterson, the Deputy Sheriff at Florida Parkland school shooting who took cover while the gunman was shooting and … Continue reading

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Dancing Lions 2018

I have a personal grading system for Lion Dancers and their performances. We just watch a performance at Novena Square, with a Lion Dance Troupe hired to perform on columns and and they are at least a Level 3. With … Continue reading

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Cheap (a.k.a. Cheapskate)

ZooMoov is the kiddie ride you find at various shopping malls in Singapore where the cartoon characters (currently Paw Patrol. If you don’t know what “Paw Patrol” is, you obviously are not a toddler, nor do you own one) can … Continue reading

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No Home for Old Men

Or dead men. I bought my flat when I was 36. The flat then was already 30 years old. As it is a HDB flat, it was on a 99-year lease. By the time the 99-year lease expires, I would … Continue reading

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Z’s in N2 this year, and the teacher asked the parents for the meaning of the child’s name. And we forgot. So this was what I sent after the deadline: “Zoe” means “life”. The other day, someone referred to me … Continue reading

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“The Triumph of Hope over Experience”

So I joked with PL that our wedding vows in a Church is “til death do us part”. No divorce. Only murder. I wonder why the Church is so… bloodthirsty. Must be the wine. That turns into the blood of … Continue reading

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