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Four Years on…

Four years is not a long time. But the last four has seemed like a lifetime… I might say. If I were doing stand-up on the trials and tribulations of married life. And fatherhood. Actually, the last two and a … Continue reading

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When do we start to give Z childhood Christmases she will cherish?

PL and I are not particularly materialistic. Nor do we enjoy crowds and “festivities”. My sole contribution to the Christmas Spirit and preparing for Christmas was to rummage for and dig out the 6-inch fake Christmas Tree and put it … Continue reading

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Diaper Adventures in Japan

One of the first things we needed to decide was, how many diapers to bring on our trip to Japan with Z. (The other “first” thing was, how much milk powder to bring.) We decided to bring enough diapers to … Continue reading

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Stagecraft – Black hat, White hat

In my childhood, we had the older girls of my neighbours babysitting or caring us. So my mom tells us. I don’t really remember. But the girls (or women now) grew up with us, or there was never a time when … Continue reading

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Child of God

On 6 Sept 2015, we finally baptised Z, the little heathen. We had planned to return to Toa Payoh and then have her baptised at Church of the Risen Christ, eventually, But a few weeks before, we ended up in … Continue reading

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Moving. On. Out.

There was a big do at the private temple opposite the condo on Sunday (9 Aug 2015). When we returned in the afternoon ( about 3 pm), the big booming drums of a Lion Dance troupe sounded out. Then we saw 8 … Continue reading

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To Soothe the Savage Breast

PL said to me, “someone should write about the reality of breastfeeding”. She had exclusively breastfed Z for over 3 months, and was now switching over to a mix of breast and formula milk. Eventually, Z would be off breast … Continue reading

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