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Even the gods must stand…

There is an “advantage” in living in a neighbourhood with strong traditions. Or at least, merchants with a strong sense of tradition, and religiosity. At the market, there is an altar to Tua Pek Kong (I believe), with incense, and … Continue reading

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A Dance of Dragons

Z is still fascinated, enthralled by Lion Dances, and all it takes is the rumbling beat and staccato backbeat of the Lion Dancers drums to draw her attention. This evening, she was napping in my bed, when the lion dance … Continue reading

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Dancing Lions 2018

I have a personal grading system for Lion Dancers and their performances. We just watch a performance at Novena Square, with a Lion Dance Troupe hired to perform on columns and and they are at least a Level 3. With … Continue reading

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Cheap (a.k.a. Cheapskate)

ZooMoov is the kiddie ride you find at various shopping malls in Singapore where the cartoon characters (currently Paw Patrol. If you don’t know what “Paw Patrol” is, you obviously are not a toddler, nor do you own one) can … Continue reading

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Four Years on…

Four years is not a long time. But the last four has seemed like a lifetime… I might say. If I were doing stand-up on the trials and tribulations of married life. And fatherhood. Actually, the last two and a … Continue reading

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When do we start to give Z childhood Christmases she will cherish?

PL and I are not particularly materialistic. Nor do we enjoy crowds and “festivities”. My sole contribution to the Christmas Spirit and preparing for Christmas was to rummage for and dig out the 6-inch fake Christmas Tree and put it … Continue reading

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Diaper Adventures in Japan

One of the first things we needed to decide was, how many diapers to bring on our trip to Japan with Z. (The other “first” thing was, how much milk powder to bring.) We decided to bring enough diapers to … Continue reading

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