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Raising Z to be resilient

Like all parents, I wonder if I might (have) ruin my kid. Excerpt from “How kids learn Resilience”: Advertisements

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Need help with your New Year Resolution?

[This is a re-hash from a FaceBook post in 2017] I want to help you with your New Year’s Resolution. If your New Year’s Resolution is to go to the gym more often.

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We all face choices in our lives. What varies on an individual basis, and from situation to situation, is the way we make choices. I was thinking about this as I was planning my retirement. Or rather reading the info … Continue reading

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Rom-Com in the making?

As I was checking in online for the family Cruise, there was a section asking for the contact information of my next-of-kin. And it should be someone who was NOT on the cruise with me. Which presented a problem. This … Continue reading

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Even the gods must stand…

There is an “advantage” in living in a neighbourhood with strong traditions. Or at least, merchants with a strong sense of tradition, and religiosity. At the market, there is an altar to Tua Pek Kong (I believe), with incense, and … Continue reading

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My dental appointment was at 9:30. I was in the clinic by about 9:20. I was early because I like to be early. Even though I know that doctors (including dental surgeons) are often late. Their lives are not necessarily … Continue reading

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My Little Caterpillar

Z attended a show “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with her Nursery Class. PL was concerned Z might be frightened of the dark theatre. We had brought her to a show before, and it was dark and she was not happy, … Continue reading

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