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Even the gods must stand…

There is an “advantage” in living in a neighbourhood with strong traditions. Or at least, merchants with a strong sense of tradition, and religiosity. At the market, there is an altar to Tua Pek Kong (I believe), with incense, and … Continue reading

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My dental appointment was at 9:30. I was in the clinic by about 9:20. I was early because I like to be early. Even though I know that doctors (including dental surgeons) are often late. Their lives are not necessarily … Continue reading

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My Little Caterpillar

Z attended a show “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with her Nursery Class. PL was concerned Z might be frightened of the dark theatre. We had brought her to a show before, and it was dark and she was not happy, … Continue reading

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Let go of Everything you fear to lose

Seen this?

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Two years on

Z was born two years ago. She seems to be aware that “birthdays” are a time for celebration. But I am not sure she understands the concept of “birthday” completely. Then again, I am not sure I do either. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Crises of life

There sometimes seems to be “seasons” or “epidemics” of life events or crises. Sometimes you wonder what is in the air, when many of your friends start getting married. Or what was in the water when they all start having … Continue reading

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Life After Life

There were a few articles in the news recently about God and Faith. Specifically about including atheists in Interfaith dialogues. I thought that was stupid. But never mind. This is not about that. Then there was this blogpost about Cryonics. … Continue reading

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