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When can I have my Kentucky Fried Weka?

Apparently never. So Linda, our guide from Kea Tours who will feature frequently in various posts especially those in Grey Mouth (I know it’s spelled “Greymouth”, but my spell checker highlights it as an error, and so I’m just going … Continue reading

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Fish and Chips – “This is NOT Burger King!”

I don’t know if New Zealanders will agree that their national dish is Fish and Chips (and pies), but the Fish and Chips shop is ubiquitous. The best Fish and Chips we had were at nameless shops in Grey Mouth, … Continue reading

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Half empty? Half full? All good.

One of the tips we got about organising a wedding was “spend more on food”. We interpreted that as “focus on the food”. Certainly this was especially true in “foodie” Singapore. For the church reception, we decided to go with … Continue reading

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The Very Nicest of People

There are only two countries where the locals have volunteered to help us when we were poring over a map – Japan and New Zealand. In my mind, New Zealanders (I know they are sometimes referred to as Kiwis, but … Continue reading

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Milk Mafia

I was very surprised when I walked into a convenience store to get a drink, and the best offer they had was 2 bottles of pop for NZ$7. Those were 600 ml bottles. $7 for 2. Or $3.50 per bottle. … Continue reading

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New Zealand Adventures

For our honeymoon, we decided to go to New Zealand. In July. Specifically, the South Island. Christchurch. That’s winter. But we wanted to go somewhere cool. Because we’ve had enough of hot and humid in Singapore.

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Marriage – the lifelong blame game.

PL visits her Grandma every Sunday after church. Her grandparents raised her much of her childhood, and she is close to them. Her Grandfather passed away a few years ago, so her grandma is alone, though quite active socially. So … Continue reading

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