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Bun Cha Siew

President Obama was hosted to Vietnamese Bun Cha Noodles by Anthony Bourdain in May 2016, and so I had to find out what is Bun Cha (pronounced “boon keat”). I found this video on YouTube (you can hear the pronunciation at … Continue reading

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Luck and Happiness

I do not know if you know who Michael Lewis is. I first saw him when I saw this video of him giving a speech. Watch it if you have about 13 minutes. I think it’s worth watching. “Life’s outcomes, … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions and Goodnight rituals.

So on New Year’s Day, after an afternoon nap, and waking up to a thunderstorm, Z was still a little sleep disoriented – you know the quiet, non-verbal, semi-grouchy mood we all have (occasionally, if not always) after we have … Continue reading

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