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Tips for giving advice at a wedding

At friend’s wedding in Church (some weeks back), I was “listening” to the priest give the couple some advice about marriage. But it wasn’t my wedding, so I wasn’t paying very much attention. Hence, “listening”. In quotes. Instead my mind … Continue reading

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Duty, Courage, and Responsibility

In the last week or so, there were two stories that evoke a response from me. One was the story of Scott Peterson, the Deputy Sheriff at Florida Parkland school shooting who took cover while the gunman was shooting and … Continue reading

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The Joyful Priest and the Irritating Parable

We found ourselves on Saturday evening at Our Lady Queen of Peace again. It’s a long story, and I was in Berms and sandals. I know. Some people do think that is acceptable “Sunday Best” or attire for Church, but … Continue reading

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On the Cruise Ship of Life…

So during the sermon or homily at this Sunday’s Mass, the priest told the story of a “Peanuts” comic strip. He was concerned that “Peanuts” might not be known as the creator and writer for the strip had died 17 … Continue reading

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Retreats, Casinos, and Nursing Homes – Heaven on Earth?

My mom stays with my brother and his family during the week. Then on weekends she stays with my sister. It’s a long story, but the long and short of it is, she doesn’t stay with me. Except this coming … Continue reading

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Child of God

On 6 Sept 2015, we finally baptised Z, the little heathen. We had planned to return to Toa Payoh and then have her baptised at Church of the Risen Christ, eventually, But a few weeks before, we ended up in … Continue reading

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At Mass

The priest at Saturday’s Sunset mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace was not the usual priest. He was a covering priest who usually celebrates the Sunday Evening mass. But this Saturday he was celebrating the Saturday Sunset Mass. PL … Continue reading

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