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At Church: “Let us pray for our own personal intentions.”

So the last petition or request during the Intercession (if I recall that was what it is called. Or was it “Intercessory”?), the request is usually offer up as, “Let us pray for own personal intentions.” Follow by a short … Continue reading

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A Question for the Pope

You may have seen this video. It was on my Facebook feed. I can’t remember which of my friends shared it. A young boy has a question for the Pope: “Is my father in heaven? He died an atheist. He … Continue reading

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“Is he going to drink the wine?”

We are not great Catholics. And not great Catholic parents. In fact, if there were criminal charges, we would probably be charged with “reckless and negligent spiritual endangerment of a minor’s soul”, specifically Z’s. I commented to PL a couple … Continue reading

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Tips for giving advice at a wedding

At friend’s wedding in Church (some weeks back), I was “listening” to the priest give the couple some advice about marriage. But it wasn’t my wedding, so I wasn’t paying very much attention. Hence, “listening”. In quotes. Instead my mind … Continue reading

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Duty, Courage, and Responsibility

In the last week or so, there were two stories that evoke a response from me. One was the story of Scott Peterson, the Deputy Sheriff at Florida Parkland school shooting who took cover while the gunman was shooting and … Continue reading

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The Joyful Priest and the Irritating Parable

We found ourselves on Saturday evening at Our Lady Queen of Peace again. It’s a long story, and I was in Berms and sandals. I know. Some people do think that is acceptable “Sunday Best” or attire for Church, but … Continue reading

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On the Cruise Ship of Life…

So during the sermon or homily at this Sunday’s Mass, the priest told the story of a “Peanuts” comic strip. He was concerned that “Peanuts” might not be known as the creator and writer for the strip had died 17 … Continue reading

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