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Alone in the dark, with 12 kids

No, not me. As I grow older, I’m getting more… wimpy? mellow? sensitive? Empathetic? Just pathetic? I get news stories on my FB feed, and sometimes I read the headlines and move on. So a few days ago, I read … Continue reading

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Five things you first know how to do

We had an interesting conversation with Z this morning. First, it was notable that we could have a conversation. 3 years ago, she would have just grinned goofily at us. Z’s 3 1/2 years old now and she has grown. … Continue reading

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Shaving pennies

Many years ago (1971), Gillette introduced the twin-blade razor – the Gillette GII. It was an innovation, and the advertisements on TV dramatise the effect of the twin blades. The first blade cuts and pulls the hair a little out … Continue reading

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Great Expectations… unfulfilled. And the lack of privacy on a camper van.

Well, delayed anyway. When preparing Z for our camper van holiday in Tasmania, I told her that we would be in a hotel for the first few days, and then, we would go in a camper van to see animals … Continue reading

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Katik Ayam

PL is short. I’m average in height, for an Asian. No one has ever called me “Katek Ayam“. But then again, no one has ever described me as “kaki panjang” either. So average. PL however is at risk of not … Continue reading

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Name that tree

“What’s that?” “That? That’s a tree.” “I mean, what’s it called.” “I think she wants to know the name of the tree,” PL explained. “That tree? His name is Jason. That one is James. And that one is Brendon. That … Continue reading

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Singapore’s Valley Girls

PL and I were browsing at a shop when two girls, about lower secondary age, wandered into our vicinity and got excited about the goods on display. “Ohmygod! So cuuuute!” one of them went. They chattered on in high speed … Continue reading

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