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And on the last day…

… of her fourth year (or the first day of her fifth year, I’m not sure how to count), Z pooped in a toilet.   Advertisements

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To PL, on her Birthday

To my wife, on the anniversary of her 21st birthday.  

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Bohemian Rhapsody Kiddie Ride

Z likes to sit on my lap and ask for a “kiddie ride”. Which is when I raise my toes up and down and simulate the motion of a cheap kiddie ride (my in-laws used to give Z lots of … Continue reading

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“Mommy, (be) happy!”

In this video, Billy Crystal talks to Stephen Colbert about losing his dad when they were quite young.

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Lost in the 3rd Dimension

Recently, my sister and a colleague for different reasons, asked me about my childhood memories. I dunno if it is usual, but I don’t recall vivid episodes of my childhood. I know some things happened. Like I had a series … Continue reading

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Being. And Becoming.

That’s the first step.

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Simple solutions

You may have heard this (untrue) modern parable about how NASA spent millions of dollars to develop a pen that would write in zero gravity. And the Russians simply used a pencil. Simple solution. Not true, but inspiring.

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