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“Tet Tup!”

[From Dec 2015. When we were still at the condo. ] I’m a night person. PL’s a morning person. Grounds for divorce really. So the current morning routine is for us to wake before 7, get out of the apartment … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Things

I have been simplifying my life since I moved out of my parents place almost 20 years ago and set up my own “bachelor’s pad”. I was not very established financially, so I could not afford to spend a lot … Continue reading

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Love in the far future

Z was born when I was 50. If she were to get married at a relatively young age of 25, I would be 75 if I were still alive then. But as people get married later and later (PL was … Continue reading

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“When I grow up…”

Z can be quite observant or “ear-servant” (there is no equivalent for persons who are able to catch words and sounds, is there? “Sharp-eared”? Doesn’t quite convey the trait. “Discerning ear”? Too atas?) Anyway, when we were watching “Matilda” she … Continue reading

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So long and thanks for all the fish!

That’s a line or title from Douglas Adams’ book. So, I’ve been given a lot of money to stop working. I’ve been thinking about and preparing for retirement since the early 2000s. And got to serious planning just after my … Continue reading

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Raising Z to be resilient

Like all parents, I wonder if I might (have) ruin my kid. Excerpt from “How kids learn Resilience”:

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Financial Advice for the young adult

By “young adult” I mean Z of course… in about 20 years… But here are some rules for financial prudence. First, the numbers. The Numbers Don’t spend more than 30% of your income on anything on a regular basis – … Continue reading

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