Alone in the dark, with 12 kids

No, not me.

As I grow older, I’m getting more… wimpy? mellow? sensitive? Empathetic? Just pathetic?

I get news stories on my FB feed, and sometimes I read the headlines and move on.

So a few days ago, I read that they had found the boys that had been lost in caves in Thailand.

Yea! I thought. They were found safe and sound.

Now I can get back to the “Continuing Misadventures of Trump, Mahathir, and Duterte”!

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Five things you first know how to do

We had an interesting conversation with Z this morning.

First, it was notable that we could have a conversation. 3 years ago, she would have just grinned goofily at us.

Z’s 3 1/2 years old now and she has grown.

I used to be able to hold her in the crook of my arm. She was just about the length of my forearm when she was born.

“She could do four things then,” said PL. “She could eat, sleep, poop, and pee.”

“Five thing,” I corrected. “She could also cry.”

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Shaving pennies

Many years ago (1971), Gillette introduced the twin-blade razor – the Gillette GII.

It was an innovation, and the advertisements on TV dramatise the effect of the twin blades.

The first blade cuts and pulls the hair a little out of the little hair follicle. And then, before the hair can spring back into the follicle, the second blade cuts the hair for a incredibly close shave.

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Great Expectations… unfulfilled. And the lack of privacy on a camper van.

Well, delayed anyway.

When preparing Z for our camper van holiday in Tasmania, I told her that we would be in a hotel for the first few days, and then, we would go in a camper van to see animals like the Tasmanian Devil, Kangaroos, and Koalas.

She got excited.

So after a few days in Hobart, Tasmania, we checked out of the hotel, got on the airport shuttle (the Camper van rental office is conveniently located next to the airport), and went to Britz office to pick up the vehicle that would be home to us for the next 9 days or so.

There was the usual check in process, and the lady told me that they were cleaning up the vehicle and will drive it around the front for us.

Then there was the check in process – how to use the vehicle, the different process, how to contact them in case of emergency or problems, how to get help, and noting any damage to the vehicle.

Then we were all set to go.

Z got on the camper van, looked all around the vehicle and asked, “where’re the animals?”


After the trip, PL spoke to Z, and Z said that she did not want to go camper vanning again. Because she had no privacy when she needed to poop.

Z is still not completely toilet or potty trained. She will pee in a potty, but she absolutely refuses to poop in one. So she poops in her diaper.

So some evenings, she would be diaperless and when she needs to pee, she will announce it and then go to the potty and pee into the potty.

Then in a while, if she needs to poop, she will say, “I wanna poop in my diaper!”

And if she is diaperless, she will put on a diaper to poop.

And she would go to a corner or somewhere to poop. And if I or PL encroach on her space, she will say, “I’m pooping!” and leave unsaid the part about giving her some space and privacy.

However in the camper van, there are no corners for her to poop privately.

So she doesn’t like camper vanning.

So not planning any in the near future. 🙂

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Katik Ayam

PL is short.

I’m average in height, for an Asian. No one has ever called me “Katek Ayam“. But then again, no one has ever described me as “kaki panjang” either.

So average.

PL however is at risk of not making the minimum height for some amusement park rides.

Let’s just leave it at that.

Z is one of the shortest (if not the shortest) in her nursery class. Not an issue because, 1) she’s a December baby, and so one of the youngest in the class. And 2) at her last check-up she was in the 50th percentile for her age.

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Name that tree

“What’s that?”

“That? That’s a tree.”

“I mean, what’s it called.”

“I think she wants to know the name of the tree,” PL explained.

“That tree? His name is Jason. That one is James. And that one is Brendon. That one is a girl. She’s Stacy.”

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Singapore’s Valley Girls

PL and I were browsing at a shop when two girls, about lower secondary age, wandered into our vicinity and got excited about the goods on display.

“Ohmygod! So cuuuute!” one of them went.

They chattered on in high speed and at high pitch.

PL and I move away.

At my age, high pitch sounds hurt my ears.

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