Just a job

I just found a writer who is also an ER doctor: Dr Louis Profeta.

And he has stayed in Emergency Medicine for 25 years. And he has not burned out. Which is unusual for ER doctors. Most burn out. He didn’t. Why?

Read his explanation.

While he argues that one need to be professional, one does not need to over-empathise in the name of “passion”:

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The Umbrella Tree

We were walking to Church, when Zoe said, “there’s an umbrella in the tree.”

Yes, there was.

It was a tall tree. If I were my friend Alfred I could tell you what tree it was (Alfred studied botany in University. Got a degree in it and all. Now he’s with the Coast Guard. I bet he misses the trees. But I digress.)

It was a bright red umbrella.

The tree was a tall huge tree – at least 10 metres. And the umbrella was stuck in its branches quite far up.

“How did the umbrella get in the tree?” PL wondered.

“Maybe the wind blew it up-up-up until it got stuck in the tree,” suggested Z.

“Most likely, someone hung a wet umbrella out a window to dry, and the wind caught it and blew it into the tree,” I said. Then the tree said, ‘Ooh! What a nice umbrella. Now I won’t get wet in the rain. Oh, wait! This is too small! I can just keep one branch dry. The rest of me will still get wet! I need a bigger umbrella!’ said the tree”.


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The Littlest Guppy

We took Z to Orto Park for a second round of Longkang Fishing.

She liked it that much.

I kept count and when we hit 30 fishes, we called time or she would just keep going.

About a third of the fishes died within 24 hours. Seven didn’t even survive the trip home.

Another 10 died over the next day or so.

But there was one little fish that I don’t recall Z catching.

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How I faked my way through University

PL says I have very high self-esteem.

Or ego.

Some colleagues have said that I am “unstress-able” or unflappable.

Others have said I am funny, creative, or even self-assured.

I am all that of course.

On the outside.

Where it matters.

End of post.

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Ford vs Kavenaugh – ripples

I have been following the Kavenaugh confirmation hearings, and I heard and read Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, and Kavenaugh’s histrionics.

This is one story that rippled out of that event.

As a father of a daughter, I hope she has a good and wonderful life full of joy and happiness.


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An “artificial” city.

Like Naypyidaw.

Or Canberra.

Or (I did not know about this) Brasilia.


By “artificial” I mean deliberately planned and developed. In this case by Mahathir when he was PM the first time. It was planned as a garden city. Hmm… what an original idea! I wonder where that idea came from?

The official reason for planning and developing Putrajaya was so that the administrative capital could be moved there because Kuala Lumpur was just too messed up. I mean, too congested.

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The 5 people you meet in a “C” ward

With apologies, here are 5 people I met in the C class ward.


My dad had passed away 10 years earlier. I think about him sometimes. Miss him a little. But generally get on with my life. Then something would remind me of him or trigger a memory of him. Considering he had stints in the hospital in his last year of life, it’s understandable that hospitals remind me of him.

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