Wagyu Weekend

I discovered QB foods recently.

I was informed that they had affordably priced Wagyu Beef.

And I do like Wagyu beef.

So I ordered some online.

There was a minimum order of $150 to qualify for free delivery. But when you’re buying wagyu beef, what’s $150?

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Staycation at Changi Village

Z loves hotels.

I think a lot of kids do (my sis’s and bro’s kids do).

So for her 3rd Birthday, and PL’s XXth birthday (where XX is a number above 3) which was two days after Z’s, we had a staycation at Changi Village starting from Z’s birthday til the day after PL’s.

There is only one hotel there, though there are several holiday accommodations there.

We thought it would be good, because, Z loved the “bucket seat” swing (this is a swing for younger kids, and the toddler is held quite securely in the swing, and there is little chance of the kid falling off even if swinging reasonably fast) at Changi Beach Park. And we would make the one hour bus journey from home just for that (well, mainly for that) on some weekends.

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This is a personal blog. So I blog about personal and mundane things.

So this blog post is, if you read the title, about socks.

If you read the title and thought, “hmm… a blogpost about socks, why, that’s just what I want to read about right now!” then welcome, person-with-no-life.

The only thing sadder than a person who wants to read a blogpost about socks, is a person who WRITES a blogpost about socks.

And about now, you are hoping I am talking about “Socks” the cat and there will be a cute cat video.

Nope. This is a about socks. The tubular (mostly) garment you wear on your feet. Continue reading

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Guo Tieh (Gyoza, or Pot stickers)

My first made from scratch, fried gyoza

I follow Chef John on Food Wishes.

Recently, he posted a video on pot stickers. We call them guo tieh (Mandarin) or gyoza (Japanese).

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“Eat this!”

It seems like every kid eventually goes through a “gross” phase.

“Eat this bug!” Z commanded.

To be clear, it was not alive. And it was just a plastic “kuti-kuti” bug. One of the newer attempts to replicate the little toys of my past. It was smaller, and the quality seemed to be slightly better.

But, still.

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Bill and Robin

Robin Williams was a beloved comic with a zany energy that was mesmerizing. I thought of him recently when I caught him on YouTube.

He suicided because of depression. And while I was in no position to help him, I found it incredibly sad that one of the most amazing comics that can light up a whole room with his incredible energy and joy was so incredibly depressed, that he would take his own life, and no one knew. Or could help.

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PLG – our brand name?

I was browsing in Challenger and found this:

Hey! Who used our initials?

And what is it? What gadget gets to have the honour of our initials on it?

Take a look:

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