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And sometimes you get less-than-perfect Banking experience

Some time in the last few months, ANZ “sold” it’s local business to DBS. And by “sold it’s business” I mean they euphemistically “transferred their customers” to DBS. I have only one link to ANZ – a credit card. I … Continue reading

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Deciding to be a parent

So there was this question to The Guardian’s “Your Problem Solved” column which is sort of an Agony Aunt, but from the title (“your problem solved”) kinda presumptuous. Or arrogant. So maybe an “Arrogant Aunt” column? Anyway, the letter writer … Continue reading

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Crises of life

There sometimes seems to be “seasons” or “epidemics” of life events or crises. Sometimes you wonder what is in the air, when many of your friends start getting married. Or what was in the water when they all start having … Continue reading

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Travelling with Z

As expected, travelling with Z has been different. Less walking. Shorter hours. Slower travelling. We had been a little ambitious the first few days, trying to put up the pace that PL and I were used to when we travelled. … Continue reading

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Diaper Adventures in Japan

One of the first things we needed to decide was, how many diapers to bring on our trip to Japan with Z. (The other “first” thing was, how much milk powder to bring.) We decided to bring enough diapers to … Continue reading

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High Brow – A personal rant

In the long history of human mating/dating, no man has ever said, “wow! look at the brows on that chick!” Which makes women who spent an inordinate amount of time on their eyebrows, demented people. (Apologies to any demented people … Continue reading

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Silly Stunt Baby Tries to Kill Dad

Or at least seriously maim him. I had mentioned previously, that my Silly Stunt Baby likes to romp on her bed. So on Wednesday night, she asked me to “seep” (sleep, or lie down) at the end of her mattress … Continue reading

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