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Putrajaya. An “artificial” city. Like Naypyidaw. Or Canberra. Or (I did not know about this) Brasilia.   By “artificial” I mean deliberately planned and developed. In this case by Mahathir when he was PM the first time. It was planned … Continue reading

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Budget Airlines

<This post was started in Jan 2018, but somehow, I hung onto it without posting. Dun remember why. Anyway, here it is. > No, I am not presenting a blogpiece on tips on flying with Budget Airlines, or Low Cost … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Master of the Titanic

Apparently, there is going to be a re-org at my office. Which doesn’t concern me because I realise that re-orgs are just a way for people who do not know what to do, to appear to be doing something, and … Continue reading

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Cheap (a.k.a. Cheapskate)

ZooMoov is the kiddie ride you find at various shopping malls in Singapore where the cartoon characters (currently Paw Patrol. If you don’t know what “Paw Patrol” is, you obviously are not a toddler, nor do you own one) can … Continue reading

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Gourmet Coffee and the purpose of life

So in the news was the story of “Astronaut Coffee”. Go Google it. I’m sure you can still find reference to it. In case you can’t (or are too lazy to Google), it’s about this New York Cafe owner who … Continue reading

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No Home for Old Men

Or dead men. I bought my flat when I was 36. The flat then was already 30 years old. As it is a HDB flat, it was on a 99-year lease. By the time the 99-year lease expires, I would … Continue reading

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Daddy’s milk

“I want Daddy’s milk!” Z declares. No, I have not started lactating. Though it is not unheard of. But it usually involves hormone injections. Anyway, if I do start lactating, I’ll immediately suspect my wife of spiking my food and … Continue reading

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