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A Meticulous Man

We had Sunday brunch at the food court at Marina By Sands Shoppe. Rasapura? Our plan for the day was to visit the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Art Science Museum. As we finished our brunch, the cleaner came by to … Continue reading

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Muffin Pan Breakfast for Dinner

I decided that breakfast was too difficult. I have to wake up early to prepare it. I am not a morning person. So, breakfast for dinner. I cubed some potatoes and boiled them, while I prepared the popover batter. I … Continue reading

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Out-Japanesing a Japanese

Long story. Two thing to know. As Singaporeans, one of the little things that we take for granted is our exposure to multiculturalism. And not the “melting pot” multiculturalism of old America, where regardless of your ethnic origins, your culture … Continue reading

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