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Ordinary Heroes

[Speech at my wedding] I was at a wedding recently, a small affair, with less than 50 guests. The bride and groom had pared down their guests list with great discipline! If you’ve seen my desk at work, you know … Continue reading

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You and me against the world

We collected the bouquet/ corsages, etc today. The lady briefed us on the care and use of the flowers. So I’m supposed to bring the bouquet tomorrow morning and present it to the bride and then we go to the … Continue reading

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Excited? No, not really…

So it is down to the last two days, and some have asked PL & me if we were excited. Excited? No. Not really. Happy, yes. Looking forward to everything going as planned, or just going, definitely. Excited? No. Not … Continue reading

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Dinner with Entertainment

PL doesn’t eat much. A good thing. Low maintenance GF/SO/Fiancee/Wife. My sister (I think) told me to stop referring to her as “low maintenance” as it may be considered derogatory. I guess it would for anyone else. Not for PL … Continue reading

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Making up is hard to do

On Tuesday, PL had the trial make-up. No, she wasn’t going to court and needed make-up. We went to the Bridal shop (where we had ordered our suit and gowns, flowers, rented the cars with drivers) and as part of … Continue reading

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The Nadir (if “nadir” means what I think it means)

I exaggerate. But I think everyone when they are planning a big event will reach a point when it just gets tiresome. The little things starts to get bigger. The plans just fail to come together. And you wonder if … Continue reading

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Slaves to tradition, servants to customs.

So after the hunt for plain pork trotters (without mushrooms) was less than successful, we settled for canned pork trotters with mushrooms. Narcissus brand. The eight cans were “decorated” with stickers bearing auspicious words or appropriate wedding wishes. The 12 … Continue reading

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