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The Wife of Bath

So apparently, you could bathe your baby too much. “But,” said my Wife of Baths, “this is Singapore! In this heat and humidity, we should bathe everyday!” “That goes for baby too!” she insisted. So Z gets bathed in the … Continue reading

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Bhut Jolokia

I am not a chilli fiend. I do like spicy food, but I do feel that the purpose of chilli is to make things interesting. Not make things… painful. Buuuuut, everyone wonders about a food challenge. How spicy can you … Continue reading

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So a friend posted this on Facebook some time back. It was intended as a simple humour piece. But I got to thinking…  

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Are you going to eat that?

Zoe has learned to tease her mother. Like all babies do, Z has a tendency to pick up stray debris on the floor or whatever surface she is crawling on. And likely she might put them in her mouth. She … Continue reading

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How to order Prata

Before we get to that, there have been a proliferation of prata variations, because well, we’re human beings and we like innovations and we like innovating. If something taste good, can we make it taste even better? So I grew … Continue reading

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If you’re happy and you know it, kill a mosquito

Z was at Grandma’s and grandma clapped at a mosquito tormenting or threatening her. Z saw her “clap” her hands and imitated Grandma, beaming her beatific smile as usual. Grandma smiled back and said in Singlish: “Zoe beat mosquito?” which … Continue reading

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When Zoe fell out of the tub

Yes. she somehow managed to fall out of the bath tub. Which was at ground level. It was a small tub. She was being bathed by PL. And this is usually a one-woman job so I was outside. Minding my … Continue reading

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