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Baking 101

Z just discovered pizza. Or rather, she has discovered that she can enjoy pizza as pizza. We had given her pizza before. She ate the crust because she’s a “purist” and does not like her food to be mixed. So … Continue reading

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My Little Caterpillar

Z attended a show “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with her Nursery Class. PL was concerned Z might be frightened of the dark theatre. We had brought her to a show before, and it was dark and she was not happy, … Continue reading

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“Daddy?” I woke up. Z was watching me. She seemed a little disappointed. Then she dropped back onto her bed. Perhaps she was hoping it was a horrible nightmare and that when she awoke, mommy would be back in bed … Continue reading

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“I want Mommy!”

She repeated for an uncounted number of times. Each time, I told her that mommy was out of the country on a overseas business trip for a few days. And would be back on Friday. This was Day 1/Night 1 … Continue reading

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The naked little girl ran into my room, yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! I pee-ed into the potty! Come and see! Quickly!” The exclamations were obvious in her urgent proclamation. I followed the naked little girl out and she proudly showed me … Continue reading

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Independent Z

Z has been exerting her independence with her mom and with me. When PL brings her to school in the morning, Z is often still sleepy and would want to be carried. Especially if I bring her to school (if … Continue reading

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Lies I Told My Child To Make Parenting Easier

In the continuing documentation of LiesIToldmyChildToMakeParentingEasier¬†(see below)¬†here’s another whopper we told Z recently. We were passing Pororo Park (at Marina Sq, SG) and Z asked to take a look at the park through the glass window. (There was a train … Continue reading

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