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The Littlest Guppy

We took Z to Orto Park for a second round of Longkang Fishing. She liked it that much. I kept count and when we hit 30 fishes, we called time or she would just keep going. About a third of … Continue reading

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“Is he going to drink the wine?”

We are not great Catholics. And not great Catholic parents. In fact, if there were criminal charges, we would probably be charged with “reckless and negligent spiritual endangerment of a minor’s soul”, specifically Z’s. I commented to PL a couple … Continue reading

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Five things you first know how to do

We had an interesting conversation with Z this morning. First, it was notable that we could have a conversation. 3 years ago, she would have just grinned goofily at us. Z’s 3 1/2 years old now and she has grown. … Continue reading

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Great Expectations… unfulfilled. And the lack of privacy on a camper van.

Well, delayed anyway. When preparing Z for our camper van holiday in Tasmania, I told her that we would be in a hotel for the first few days, and then, we would go in a camper van to see animals … Continue reading

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Like a duck to water… not!

Z likes water. But not too much. We tried her out for a swimming lesson. She responded like a cat to water. After that, we decided to get her used to water. So we brought her to the pool at … Continue reading

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There will be blood

Z has been having nosebleeds. What usually happens is that she will have nosebleeds in the middle of the night, and wake up crying. The first time this happened, I just held her as I or PL usually would if … Continue reading

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Z spice of life

So I had some russet potatoes and I was thinking, I’d make some cottage fries. It would be easy. Chef John will guide me: But I thought… maybe I could do waffle fries, since I have this new wavy cut … Continue reading

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