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Five things you first know how to do

We had an interesting conversation with Z this morning. First, it was notable that we could have a conversation. 3 years ago, she would have just grinned goofily at us. Z’s 3 1/2 years old now and she has grown. … Continue reading

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Great Expectations… unfulfilled. And the lack of privacy on a camper van.

Well, delayed anyway. When preparing Z for our camper van holiday in Tasmania, I told her that we would be in a hotel for the first few days, and then, we would go in a camper van to see animals … Continue reading

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Like a duck to water… not!

Z likes water. But not too much. We tried her out for a swimming lesson. She responded like a cat to water. After that, we decided to get her used to water. So we brought her to the pool at … Continue reading

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There will be blood

Z has been having nosebleeds. What usually happens is that she will have nosebleeds in the middle of the night, and wake up crying. The first time this happened, I just held her as I or PL usually would if … Continue reading

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Z spice of life

So I had some russet potatoes and I was thinking, I’d make some cottage fries. It would be easy. Chef John will guide me: But I thought… maybe I could do waffle fries, since I have this new wavy cut … Continue reading

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Daddy’s milk

“I want Daddy’s milk!” Z declares. No, I have not started lactating. Though it is not unheard of. But it usually involves hormone injections. Anyway, if I do start lactating, I’ll immediately suspect my wife of spiking my food and … Continue reading

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Z masters chopsticks…

Well, successfully used chopsticks to pick something up. Yesterday, at Sakae, Z managed to pick up an edamame bean with a pair of chopsticks. Twice! Then she complained that she could not do it anymore. I told her it was … Continue reading

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