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So I asked PL if her parents were happier since Z came into our lives. And their lives. Well, they seem happy to me, even “happier”, but I did not know them before PL & I got married, so PL … Continue reading

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Indignant – Spirit of the Pioneer Generation

On the way to work on Tues, 18 Aug, we were in a cab with the radio tuned to a Chinese radio station and a caller was on the line. It was before 8 am. The caller identified herself as … Continue reading

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Claypot Rice

One of my favourite dish, which I will almost never make at home, is Claypot Rice. I like my food piping hot, so Claypot Rice with the inherent risk of 2nd degree burns from coming in contact with the hot … Continue reading

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Life is Hard

PL’s parents… I guess I should call them “The In-laws”… met us downstairs when we came back. Z watch us come out of the cab and beamed happily at us (I think she was looking at me when she beamed … Continue reading

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Moving. On. Out.

There was a big do at the private temple opposite the condo on Sunday (9 Aug 2015). When we returned in the afternoon ( about 3 pm), the big booming drums of a Lion Dance troupe sounded out. Then we saw 8 … Continue reading

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Roast Pork II: Sio Bak Complications

This is an update of my recipe for Roast Pork, a.k.a. sio bak. Over time, with experience (which is a nice way of saying finding many ways how this will NOT work), I have found 2 ways to do this. … Continue reading

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Pork Ribs (Kitchen Experimentation)

The secret to “Fall off the bone” tender ribs is slow-roasting. So season or marinate a rack of ribs, then wrap it tightly with aluminium foil, twice, and slow roast on low (less than 150c) for 3 hours. At the … Continue reading

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