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Future Christmases

A story from Washington Post: A dying man bought 14 years worth of Christmas gifts for his 2-year-old neighbor By Allison Klein December 18 Owen Williams and his wife befriended their octogenarian neighbor when they moved into their home in … Continue reading

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“If I were a boy…”

Yes, I mean the Beyonce’s song. [Edit 13 Aug: BC Jean was the original singer. Beyonce did a cover.] But I REALLY only heard it when I saw this performance.

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No Home for Old Men

Or dead men. I bought my flat when I was 36. The flat then was already 30 years old. As it is a HDB flat, it was on a 99-year lease. By the time the 99-year lease expires, I would … Continue reading

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Till Death Do Us Part…

“Let the dead bury the dead,” says Jesus. So let me bury myself when I’m dead. Or before. But first, Swedish Death Cleaning. In Swedish, the word is “dostadning” and it refers to the act of slowly and steadily decluttering … Continue reading

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Dying in Harness

Recently, a colleague passed away. She was younger than me. 49. 50, maybe. I didn’t know her well. She was transferred into our project team. I suspect because our team is viewed as being less stressful. She had a heart … Continue reading

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Traumatised for life

I think we did it. Traumatised Z for life. Every parent’s nightmare: doing something that scars one’s child for life. We were at a hypermart. A HUGE one. One might even say it was a GIANT of a hypermart. (I’m … Continue reading

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“Zoe? Did you poop-poop?” “NooOOOooo!” she would say vehemently. Her “No” dragged out, then rising in tone in the middle, and then falling and stopping abruptly. By now we knew that if she doth protesteth too much, it meant it … Continue reading

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