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Traumatised for life

I think we did it. Traumatised Z for life. Every parent’s nightmare: doing something that scars one’s child for life. We were at a hypermart. A HUGE one. One might even say it was a GIANT of a hypermart. (I’m … Continue reading

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“Zoe? Did you poop-poop?” “NooOOOooo!” she would say vehemently. Her “No” dragged out, then rising in tone in the middle, and then falling and stopping abruptly. By now we knew that if she doth protesteth too much, it meant it … Continue reading

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Tea with Lau Ma

Z has an unusual response to tea. Some weeks ago, we visited Z’s great grandmother (PL’s grandmother) and in the course of interacting with Lau Ma (Teochew for Maternal Great Grandmother), Z was curious as to what Lau Ma was … Continue reading

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