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A note from Facebook

I wrote and posted this note on my Facebook on New Year’s Day 2014. Posting it here. First new year with PL. What is the New Year? 1 January 2014 For some it is the mixture of guilt and hope. … Continue reading

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PL and I have a few fave restaurants. Big Bern’s (formerly known as BJ American Diner & Grill) at Balestier is a fave cos of the Frozen Margaritas, the weekend brunch, and the Black Angus Steaks. We go to Ayam … Continue reading

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I thought I’d pickle some cucumbers. I found the thought and the anticipation vaguely satisfying. I could see it in my head. De-seeding the cucumbers, slicing them, salting them, and then drizzling them with lime juice. It was soothing. Have … Continue reading

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Ramen Burger Request

PL was fascinated by this video: And asked me to to make her a single Ramen Burger.

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