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Baking 101

Z just discovered pizza. Or rather, she has discovered that she can enjoy pizza as pizza. We had given her pizza before. She ate the crust because she’s a “purist” and does not like her food to be mixed. So … Continue reading

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Pizza! (A journey of a thousand smiles begins with a grin.)

I recently discovered good pizza. Well, actually, re-discovered. In 2014, sometime in late July, we had our first taste of a wood-fired pizza in Denham (approx 800 km north of Perth, Australia). We just knew it was GOOD pizza, and … Continue reading

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Lies I told my child to make parenting easier – Ice Cream

This is not strictly lies *I* told Z. This is the whopper PL tells Z. On more than one occasion. One of our favourite restaurants is Aston’s Steak and Salad at Marina Square. Not ANY Aston’s. Just the one at … Continue reading

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Pizza Quest

We took a weekend trip to Genting Highlands for a break. While there, we had a Heritage Tomato pizza at Motorino (Pizzeria). I also had a semi-sparkling red wine. It may be the best pizza I’ve ever had. There was … Continue reading

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Camembert-by, Brie my baby

I found “Cheeza” at a Japanese mini-mart. Not to be confused with “Chizza” which is KFC’s Fried Chicken as pizza (which we had tried and we did not think was that good). Cheeza is a cheese-flavoured biscuit. And the flavour … Continue reading

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Bun Cha Siew

President Obama was hosted to Vietnamese Bun Cha Noodles by Anthony Bourdain in May 2016, and so I had to find out what is Bun Cha (pronounced “boon keat”). I found this video on YouTube¬†(you can hear the pronunciation at … Continue reading

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Mini Porchetta (the journey)

I have been intrigued by Porchetta, since watching this video. That was just a “tourist” or promotional video. There are also recipes videos. This one made me drool. I like Food Wishes recipe videos. And Chef John offered this “baby … Continue reading

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