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Unagiya Ichinoji

We ate here for lunch one Sat. Z said she wanted to come back here. That is a pretty rare endorsement from her. Not objective or anything. Just rare. The Unagi does seem special to me and PL. Unagi is … Continue reading

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<A post I wrote a year ago almost to the date (26 Oct 2017). I guess it’s matured enough!> A friend once responded to my description of how I sometimes make decisions as “rather random”. When we were dating (or … Continue reading

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Staycation July 2018 – Return to Changi Village

After our last Staycation at Changi, I felt that as a mini-vacation, it was value for money and effort. And Z really loves the break. So for our 5th anniversary, we had a staycation in Changi Village again. Any excuse … Continue reading

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Ten Cents (plus) Kopi-O

Some people get excited over discovering great coffee. Recently, I’ve started getting excited over discovering really affordable coffee. I mean cheap coffee. I’m not usually a fan of “coffee bags”. These are filter bags of coffee grounds, which may contain … Continue reading

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Bathroom mat fries

I show Z the waffle-cut potatoes I had prepared before baking. She said, “looks like bathroom mat”. Which, of course, they did.

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Z spice of life

So I had some russet potatoes and I was thinking, I’d make some cottage fries. It would be easy. Chef John will guide me: But I thought… maybe I could do waffle fries, since I have this new wavy cut … Continue reading

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Gourmet Coffee and the purpose of life

So in the news was the story of “Astronaut Coffee”. Go Google it. I’m sure you can still find reference to it. In case you can’t (or are too lazy to Google), it’s about this New York Cafe owner who … Continue reading

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