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Katik Ayam

PL is short. I’m average in height, for an Asian. No one has ever called me “Katek Ayam“. But then again, no one has ever described me as “kaki panjang” either. So average. PL however is at risk of not … Continue reading

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Name that tree

“What’s that?” “That? That’s a tree.” “I mean, what’s it called.” “I think she wants to know the name of the tree,” PL explained. “That tree? His name is Jason. That one is James. And that one is Brendon. That … Continue reading

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Singapore’s Valley Girls

PL and I were browsing at a shop when two girls, about lower secondary age, wandered into our vicinity and got excited about the goods on display. “Ohmygod! So cuuuute!” one of them went. They chattered on in high speed … Continue reading

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“Your TomTom say ‘Ting-ting-ting’!”

When planning for our camper van trip in Tasmania, one of the things we had to contend with was that Z had to be in a child seat. And the vehicle had only one seat that was allowed for a … Continue reading

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Even the gods must stand…

There is an “advantage” in living in a neighbourhood with strong traditions. Or at least, merchants with a strong sense of tradition, and religiosity. At the market, there is an altar to Tua Pek Kong (I believe), with incense, and … Continue reading

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Feng Shui Master of the Titanic

Apparently, there is going to be a re-org at my office. Which doesn’t concern me because I realise that re-orgs are just a way for people who do not know what to do, to appear to be doing something, and … Continue reading

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Cheap (a.k.a. Cheapskate)

ZooMoov is the kiddie ride you find at various shopping malls in Singapore where the cartoon characters (currently Paw Patrol. If you don’t know what “Paw Patrol” is, you obviously are not a toddler, nor do you own one) can … Continue reading

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