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On dying of old age.

I was telling Z to be careful about something (I forget what) or she might die. “What’s ‘die’?” “It’s like going to sleep and never waking up. You can’t move, you can’t see, you can’t hear, you can’t eat, you … Continue reading

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Bathroom mat fries

I show Z the waffle-cut potatoes I had prepared before baking. She said, “looks like bathroom mat”. Which, of course, they did.

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Z spice of life

So I had some russet potatoes and I was thinking, I’d make some cottage fries. It would be easy. Chef John will guide me: But I thought… maybe I could do waffle fries, since I have this new wavy cut … Continue reading

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No Home for Old Men

Or dead men. I bought my flat when I was 36. The flat then was already 30 years old. As it is a HDB flat, it was on a 99-year lease. By the time the 99-year lease expires, I would … Continue reading

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Z’s in N2 this year, and the teacher asked the parents for the meaning of the child’s name. And we forgot. So this was what I sent after the deadline: “Zoe” means “life”. The other day, someone referred to me … Continue reading

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Daddy’s milk

“I want Daddy’s milk!” Z declares. No, I have not started lactating. Though it is not unheard of. But it usually involves hormone injections. Anyway, if I do start lactating, I’ll immediately suspect my wife of spiking my food and … Continue reading

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Z masters chopsticks…

Well, successfully used chopsticks to pick something up. Yesterday, at Sakae, Z managed to pick up an edamame bean with a pair of chopsticks. Twice! Then she complained that she could not do it anymore. I told her it was … Continue reading

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