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Baking 101

Z just discovered pizza. Or rather, she has discovered that she can enjoy pizza as pizza. We had given her pizza before. She ate the crust because she’s a “purist” and does not like her food to be mixed. So … Continue reading

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My Little Caterpillar

Z attended a show “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with her Nursery Class. PL was concerned Z might be frightened of the dark theatre. We had brought her to a show before, and it was dark and she was not happy, … Continue reading

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Banking on Retirement

My Citibanker called a few weeks ago. I did not know I had one. Business is bad, he did not say. So in addition to the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) or “Privileged” Customers, they have decided to go down … Continue reading

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The key to raising children (according to more experienced parents)

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Z reads me to sleep (or tries to)

One weekend, as I was trying to take an afternoon nap, Z decided to help. By reading me a bedtime story. This would of course not be helpful because I’m not 3 years old anymore. But the novelty of being … Continue reading

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Not the way Peanut Butter Cups are made

Z loves the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. And Peanut Butter sandwiches. I bought some Reese’s snack packs which had a mix of Reese’s Pieces (like M&M but with peanut butter filling instead of chocolate), pretzels, some kind of nut (hazelnut … Continue reading

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Z rules!

Z was attracted by an arcade and pulled me in to have a look. It has been a while since I stepped into one and one thing that has changed was the Air Hockey game. The basic rules are still … Continue reading

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