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Another perspective

On Father’s Day, I read this article (below), and how this father of 4 wished he had his kids earlier. He had the first one at 29. After years of trying. This is different from my perspective. Where I reflected … Continue reading

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“I’ve got nothing else more important to do…”

At some point, I realised that while I became a father at fifty, and this is not the usual age one becomes a father for the first time, that I was quite aware of the advantages (and disadvantages) of being … Continue reading

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star… Next Time Won’t You Sing With Me

Z was watching a YouTube video of some kids singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to their new-born brother. After the video ended, Z asked, “again!” So I replayed the video. And at the end, she again asked for an encore. … Continue reading

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You’ve got a friend. No. Not me.

We were putting Z to bed, and PL was reading to her the Ugly Duckling. And at around the part where the other ducklings were calling him ugly, and not wanting to be his friend, Z asked, “why the duckling … Continue reading

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“I miss bear-bear”

… said Z. “What ‘bear-bear’? Lazy Bear?” She has a lot of bears. There’s ‘Care Bear’, the pirated (IP-infringed) Care Bear look-alike that is probably not licensed, because we could not find an official Care Bear with that colour and … Continue reading

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Thinking, Guessing, and That’s a Great Idea

Z has started to say, “I think so” or “I don’t think so”. And sometimes, “I guess so”. And also “that’s a great idea”. We have no idea where she picked these speaking styles from! I guess (oh gawd! I’ve … Continue reading

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Lies I told my child to make parenting easier – Ice Cream

This is not strictly lies *I* told Z. This is the whopper PL tells Z. On more than one occasion. One of our favourite restaurants is Aston’s Steak and Salad at Marina Square. Not ANY Aston’s. Just the one at … Continue reading

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