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You’re not Yelping

That (title) is a title from a South Park Episode. As usual, Parker and Stone the creators, were spot on with their satire and critique of the social media review of restaurants that is Yelp! in the West, and in … Continue reading

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Zoe takes the Fifth

(As in the Fifth Amendment to the US Bill of rights.) As I walked out of the mall into the bright midday sun, I put on my shades and asked Zoe, “daddy look cool not?” She nodded. I turned to … Continue reading

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Salad days

I have friends who are vegetarians. And there are different vegetarians. Some simply will not eat meat and that is defined as the flesh of land animals – birds and beasts. Seafood though are not defined as meat. These are … Continue reading

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How did you know she was the one?

  Stephen Colbert, IMHO, is probably one of the smartest person in comedy, and now hosts the Late Show since David Letterman retired. To warm up the audience, Colbert meets the audience before the show to take questions. And one … Continue reading

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Baked Beans

This is not a recipe for Baked Beans. I’ve looked up baked beans recipe. Nobody with more important things to do, should try to make baked beans from scratch. It is a lot easier and cheaper to buy a can. … Continue reading

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A Musical Time Capsule (July 2016)

Today, Zoe wanted to watch videos on Youtube as usual. And as it has become more common these nights, she found that there was nothing on on the ‘Tube. 🙂 The more things change, the more the stay the same. … Continue reading

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As a result of a misspent youth – well, if “misspent” means not spending enough time and effort on dental hygiene – most of my teeth, if not all, have some dental work on them, and more than a few … Continue reading

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