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It only gets harder

Over a year ago, I related the tale of the hard poop. The hardest thing that Z had to do. Or do0-doo. Well, it happened again. Her appetite had been light that day. She hardly ate anything. She may have … Continue reading

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Moving along

I tell anyone who would listen that I am an old-fashion worker. I get a job. I work at the job, and I would like to either retire in that job, or die in it. Preferably the former. But some … Continue reading

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“What’s Daddy doing?”

PL was pleasantly surprised one evening when Z spoke a full sentence: “What’s daddy doing?” We were on a bus and PL and Z were seated in the priority seats. I had bags of grocery so I was more comfortable … Continue reading

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Health, Medicine and Suicidal Thoughts

No, I’m not having suicidal thoughts. Now, my usual rambly introduction. The internet and interconnectedness means that it is really hard to prevent information from flowing across borders and sometimes in unexpected ways. To watch shows in the US, there … Continue reading

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Traumatised for life

I think we did it. Traumatised Z for life. Every parent’s nightmare: doing something that scars one’s child for life. We were at a hypermart. A HUGE one. One might even say it was a GIANT of a hypermart. (I’m … Continue reading

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Little Femme Fatale in the making

As mentioned previously, we have started sending Z to half-day pre-school. I’m not sure that it is actually teaching her anything, but I’m quite sure, leaving her at home with her grandma isn’t much better either. Grandma does what all … Continue reading

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Mind Games (with food)

Like all toddlers, Z has a “snack bag” or “snack box”. (If your toddler doesn’t have one, he or she is a deviant and will likely grow up to be the greatest serial killer the world has ever known. Or … Continue reading

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