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Mini Porchetta (the journey)

I have been intrigued by Porchetta, since watching this video. That was just a “tourist” or promotional video. There are also recipes videos. This one made me drool. I like Food Wishes recipe videos. And Chef John offered this “baby … Continue reading

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“Happiness” is a shy, elusive creature. You do not get happiness by seeking it, or hunting it. You cannot catch happiness. Happiness is not a Pokemon. Happiness catches you… if you have shown yourself worthy. Or sometimes even if you … Continue reading

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Taking risks and learning new things

Z had pooped just before breakfast and her bath. So we (and by “we”, I mean PL) removed the soiled diaper, and since it was going to be a short while before bath, decided to risk it by not giving … Continue reading

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Chinese Cooking – A Primer (Or how to cook Chinese food without really trying)

There is a Taiwanese dish called “San Bei Ji” – literally, “Three Cup Chicken”. The┬árecipe for “Three cup Chicken”┬áis not what this post is about. The back story to this dish is that some low status individual had to prepare … Continue reading

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Mulled Wine in Singapore (Updated)

… is not very popular. Or maybe it’s not its time yet. Firstly, we are just maturing as a nation of wine drinkers. Maybe not even that. Secondly, mulled wine is served warm to beat the winter’s chill. Singapore is … Continue reading

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The Curse of Being too Blessed.

Unhappiness or discontent comes from wanting what one cannot have, instead of being thankful and grateful for what we do have. But I have found another way to be… well… unhappy. Being able to GET the things I want, but … Continue reading

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When do we start to give Z childhood Christmases she will cherish?

PL and I are not particularly materialistic. Nor do we enjoy crowds and “festivities”. My sole contribution to the Christmas Spirit and preparing for Christmas was to rummage for and dig out the 6-inch fake Christmas Tree and put it … Continue reading

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