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Z Observations

Z is 3 weeks old and counting. For the last 3 weeks, she has been… in her own world. A confusing, overwhelming, surprising, aggravating, disturbing, bright, harsh, noisy, world. And she has taken it all rather well. At this point, … Continue reading

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Apparently, babies hiccup a lot. Or frequently. Z often hiccups after a feed. PL thinks it may be because Z drank too fast. I have no idea why it happens. Even doctor’s don’t really know. It just happens. What is … Continue reading

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Why PL is pretty and I’m…

PL’s mum is helping out for this month (or possibly longer) – the traditional “confinement” month after a birth. So we were having dinner – the three of us – and PL’s mum brought up the old superstition (or threat) … Continue reading

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Thoughts of a new father

One of the most interesting thing about being a new father is the amount of advice people freely offer you. OK, to be fair, not all my friends do that. In fact none of my friends do that, because if … Continue reading

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We don’t eat children here

One of the funniest lines (to me) in “The Croods” was this: “What are ‘Pets’?” “They are… animals you don’t eat.” “I thought those were called ‘children’?” [Adding my own dialogue:] “Children are… Pets you can’t choose.”

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Ugly is good

Quite a few friends, whether projecting or seeing what they expect to see, said that Zoe had my features. Actually, what they said was she looked like me. Poor girl. She’ll be ugly. Well, I hoped she’ll be ugly. Cos … Continue reading

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The calm before the storm

PL and I were sitting on the couch in her room in the hospital. It was 10 am, Zoe had been fed and was asleep in my arms. It was quiet. Yes, the hospital was still going about its business, … Continue reading

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