Ramen Burger Request

PL was fascinated by this video:

And asked me to to make her a single Ramen Burger.

So here I go.WP_20140405_002

First I got some noodles. I got these from Daiso – two flavours, the Pepper Chicken, and the Spicy Garlic. These were small packets (about 30 gms, the standard noodle size would be about 85 gms), and intended to be Cup Noodles-type snacks.

I soaked 4 packs of these (two of each flavour) in boiling water, and after a while they had absorbed all the water.

Here’s the noodle after soaking for a bit.



Shaping the noodles

First, flavouring the noodles. These noodles were pretty flavourful, so I didn’t have to add anything, actually. But if you like, add some pepper, spices, herbs, etc.

But I need something to bind the noodles to hold the shape, so I added one egg white. This was not enough to hold the shape I was to discover later.

I put the noodles into cooking rings (metal rings, for frying eggs), on wax paper, then refrigerated them.

WP_20140406_002I had a lot of noodles left. So I shaped more of them in whatever containers or moulds I could find. I made 7 altogether. Fortunately.

After chilling them for a few hours I tried to fry them. But they wouldn’t hold their shape! After the first one fell apart, I added more eggs.

I ended up with noodle omelette. Not what I intended.

So I made a thin batter (flour, some left over egg, and water), which I poured over the noodles while it was enclosed in the ring.


That worked. Finally!

It was a good thing I had some extra noodles. I ruined one rather badly, had two in a very funky shape, and then 4 were almost perfectly round (when I added the batter to hold them together).

I could work with those!


One noodle omelette and two funky noodle patties.


Two of the almost perfectly round noodle patties. (held together with batter)

So now the beef patty (seasoned with worchestershire sauce, pepper, cayenne, garlic, and a bit of oil (the beef was rather lean). Then assemble the Ramen Burger.


I used baby butterhead lettuce leaves to help hold the Ramen burger (keeps the oil off my fingers)


And for the second burger, I put it in a huge waxed paper folded into quarters so the juice would be captured in the paper (like Mos Burger). Looked pretty decent.

Most importantly, PL liked it.



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