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Sunday at the Kopi Tiam (Coffee Shop)

PL and I had lunch or brunch at the kopi tiam at our block today (21 Sept). She had the Chicken Hor Fun. I decided to stick with what I know was good (wanton mee) from the stall. Over at … Continue reading

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Musings of a first-time father to be.

What is the most important thing you want to teach your child? “Don’t touch yellow snow” could be one. But there’s no snow in Singapore. “Believe in yourself” is just so cliched. “Let it go” is topical but probably best … Continue reading

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Baby clothes

PL and I don’t often disagree, but we have different opinions about baby clothes. My view is that, until the baby can at least crawl, she doesn’t really need clothes with arms and sleeves and holes in the trouser or … Continue reading

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Food Wishes, Food Dreams, Food Visions

I think I am deprived. PL doesn’t eat a lot. So I can’t cook a lot. On the positive side, she isn’t very fussy. She has a forgiving palate. So if my cooking a little off, she not only doesn’t … Continue reading

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