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We brought Z to our office on the last working day of the year. The office was quiet as most people were on leave. But there were still some colleagues around. One colleague commented that Z was “good” sitting there … Continue reading

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Moral Compass Kid

Z’s teacher at her childcare had commented in the Communication Book that is used to update us on the going ons with our child that Z has a “strong moral compass” after she found that Z had a tendency to … Continue reading

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Tea with Z

Dinner time with Z can be… irksome. Maybe we let her have too many choices. Maybe we should just tell her what’s for dinner rather than ask her. Anyway, she likes the idea of a picnic. And once after dinner, … Continue reading

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“Someone stole the video machine!”

Actually no. Z has a habit of watching Youtube videos in the evening on my MacBook Air. She also gets her grandparents to let her watch videos on their tablet. I don’t tell my in-laws not to let her watch. … Continue reading

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“The Triumph of Hope over Experience”

So I joked with PL that our wedding vows in a Church is “til death do us part”. No divorce. Only murder. I wonder why the Church is so… bloodthirsty. Must be the wine. That turns into the blood of … Continue reading

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Wagyu Weekend

I discovered QB foods recently. I was informed that they had affordably priced Wagyu Beef. And I do like Wagyu beef. So I ordered some online. There was a minimum order of $150 to qualify for free delivery. But when … Continue reading

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Staycation at Changi Village

Z loves hotels. I think a lot of kids do (my sis’s and bro’s kids do). So for her 3rd Birthday, and PL’s XXth birthday (where XX is a number above 3) which was two days after Z’s, we had … Continue reading

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