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There are some seriously deranged people out there! Here is a woman (is it sexist to call her a “girl”?) who made a dollhouse size kitchen counter with a working sink! Advertisements

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Shaving pennies

Many years ago (1971), Gillette introduced the twin-blade razor – the Gillette GII. It was an innovation, and the advertisements on TV dramatise the effect of the twin blades. The first blade cuts and pulls the hair a little out … Continue reading

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Ten Cents (plus) Kopi-O

Some people get excited over discovering great coffee. Recently, I’ve started getting excited over discovering really affordable coffee. I mean cheap coffee. I’m not usually a fan of “coffee bags”. These are filter bags of coffee grounds, which may contain … Continue reading

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Bathroom mat fries

I show Z the waffle-cut potatoes I had prepared before baking. She said, “looks like bathroom mat”. Which, of course, they did.

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People who live in shoe boxes shouldn’t…

[Jan 2018 note: I started writing this in Dec of 2014, just after Z was born, and we had moved into our little shoebox apartment, and we were learning to deal with living in a small space. I think all … Continue reading

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Guo Tieh (Gyoza, or Pot stickers)

I follow Chef John on Food Wishes. Recently, he posted a video on pot stickers. We call them guo tieh (Mandarin) or gyoza (Japanese).

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PLG – our brand name?

I was browsing in Challenger and found this: Hey! Who used our initials? And what is it? What gadget gets to have the honour of our initials on it? Take a look:

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