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Guo Tieh (Gyoza, or Pot stickers)

I follow Chef John on Food Wishes. Recently, he posted a video on pot stickers. We call them guo tieh (Mandarin) or gyoza (Japanese). Advertisements

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PLG – our brand name?

I was browsing in Challenger and found this: Hey! Who used our initials? And what is it? What gadget gets to have the honour of our initials on it? Take a look:

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Life’s no picnic

There are some things that sounds nice in concept, but less so in execution. A nice picnic in Singapore is wishful thinking or lucky coincidence at best. In all probability, it is very unlikely. So when Z’s pre-school organised a … Continue reading

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Taking risks and learning new things

Z had pooped just before breakfast and her bath. So we (and by “we”, I mean PL) removed the soiled diaper, and since it was going to be a short while before bath, decided to risk it by not giving … Continue reading

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Accidentally… Hum Cheem Paeng Lite!

Z likes bread. She’s not so hot for rice though. Just like her mother. PL’s mom has said (in mandarin) that PL has an enmity with rice. So Z gets that from her. Probably. And gets her love of bread … Continue reading

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Roast Pork II: Sio Bak Complications

This is an update of my recipe for Roast Pork, a.k.a. sio bak. Over time, with experience (which is a nice way of saying finding many ways how this will NOT work), I have found 2 ways to do this. … Continue reading

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Pork Ribs (Kitchen Experimentation)

The secret to “Fall off the bone” tender ribs is slow-roasting. So season or marinate a rack of ribs, then wrap it tightly with aluminium foil, twice, and slow roast on low (less than 150c) for 3 hours. At the … Continue reading

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