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“I miss bear-bear”

… said Z. “What ‘bear-bear’? Lazy Bear?” She has a lot of bears. There’s ‘Care Bear’, the pirated (IP-infringed) Care Bear look-alike that is probably not licensed, because we could not find an official Care Bear with that colour and … Continue reading

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Thinking, Guessing, and That’s a Great Idea

Z has started to say, “I think so” or “I don’t think so”. And sometimes, “I guess so”. And also “that’s a great idea”. We have no idea where she picked these speaking styles from! I guess (oh gawd! I’ve … Continue reading

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Retreats, Casinos, and Nursing Homes – Heaven on Earth?

My mom stays with my brother and his family during the week. Then on weekends she stays with my sister. It’s a long story, but the long and short of it is, she doesn’t stay with me. Except this coming … Continue reading

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Lies I told my child to make parenting easier – Ice Cream

This is not strictly lies *I* told Z. This is the whopper PL tells Z. On more than one occasion. One of our favourite restaurants is Aston’s Steak and Salad at Marina Square. Not ANY Aston’s. Just the one at … Continue reading

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Thunderstorms of Biblical Proportions

I remember when I first saw the Grand Canyon, I had a spiritual experience. A feeling of immense insignificance in the majesty and magnificence of Nature. And I thought, rather wistfully, that it was something that we do not have … Continue reading

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Wedding Wishes

I got a message from a colleague who invited me to his wedding lunch banquet. He was marrying another colleague.¬† I clarified if I were the only one invited or if I could bring PL and Z. I had assumed … Continue reading

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Lies I Told My Child To Make Parenting Easier

In the continuing documentation of LiesIToldmyChildToMakeParentingEasier¬†(see below)¬†here’s another whopper we told Z recently. We were passing Pororo Park (at Marina Sq, SG) and Z asked to take a look at the park through the glass window. (There was a train … Continue reading

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