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Geylang Girl in Toa Payoh

We moved back to Toa Payoh about a week before Christmas. Zoe has adjusted well. As has her grandmother. She has more space to run around (Zoe mainly, but her grandmother too) and the neighbourhood is more interesting (again for … Continue reading

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Changes after a year

On the last day of 2015, as I was leaving for work (late), I met the foreign worker who was sweeping the corridor outside my flat. (I assume that he is foreign because he is young, Indian, and working as … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye

Zoe is learning how to say “bye-bye”. Which she accompanies with a backward flapping of her fingers – like she is grasping and ungrasping something in her hand. And her “bye bye” tends to be very soft in volume. And … Continue reading

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The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

As we fed Z her favourite treats (cereal stars or yoghurt melts), I was teasing her by pulling the treat away from her mouth at the last moment. Z is wonderfully good-natured and allows me my little joke and laughs … Continue reading

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Moving. On. Out.

There was a big do at the private temple opposite the condo on Sunday (9 Aug 2015). When we returned in the afternoon ( about 3 pm), the big booming drums of a Lion Dance troupe sounded out. Then we saw 8 … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Baggage

I hate moving. Or packing. But I need to pack up the Toa Payoh flat to renovate it. First some history. I got my flat just after I turned 35, when the regulations allowed me to buy a resale HDB … Continue reading

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Returning to work

I had of course, returned to work a few days after Z’s birth. Now it was PL’s turn. Two weeks before she was due to return, she started taking Z to her parents’ place. The plan was for PL to … Continue reading

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