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I’d like to teach the world to sing…

Or just Z. I sing to her. From the time in the hospital, I sang to her “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (the “wim-mo-way” seemed appropos to a baby with no speech.) I sang her my favourite Christmas Hymn (“Oh Holy … Continue reading

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Look who’s talking

No. Zoe can’t talk. Yet. She’s only 7 weeks and a bit. What she is doing is “vocalising”. She hears our voices, and is trying to imitate us. So she will pay attention to us when we talk to her, … Continue reading

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Chuo Ma Chuo Niu

There’s a Chinese phrase (idiom?) – “Chuo Niu Chuo Ma”, which literally means “Make (like a) cow, Make (like a) horse” or “Acting like a cow and acting like a horse.” (or being a cow/horse). It is used to describe … Continue reading

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How I came to be a Jacuzzi Cleaner

[From a FB post in Feb 2012 – How I was conned into came to buy my apartment] In case people ask me how I got the penthouse 4 years from now. And because I love telling my stories. And … Continue reading

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Jacuzzi Parties – Vision, Ideals and Realities

When I bought the “idea” of my apartment at the launch, it was scary and exciting. Scary to re-commit to a new 27-year mortgage at 48, and exciting to think I could have my own jacuzzi on my roof terrace. … Continue reading

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Breathless Praise

PL & I were having breakfast, punctuated with episodes of carrying Baby Z. She wasn’t difficult, just wanting to be carried and fuss over… a little. So when she had finally drowsed off, PL was reading one of the many … Continue reading

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Retirement Plans

[Another post that has been in draft for a while. Time to Publish.] I was telling PL that my retirement plans have been derailed 3 times. First I bought the condo. Until I did, my retirement plans were on track. … Continue reading

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