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Ten Life Lessons for My Daughter

As mentioned in a previous post, this was the first attempt at 10 Life Lessons for Zoe, when she can understand them. Well, I got carried away… And wrote over 20 “lessons”… and quotes. And some of the “lessons” got rather … Continue reading

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At Mass

The priest at Saturday’s Sunset mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace was not the usual priest. He was a covering priest who usually celebrates the Sunday Evening mass. But this Saturday he was celebrating the Saturday Sunset Mass. PL … Continue reading

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Ten Lessons from the Bible for Z

This is actually the third  post I started on Life Lessons for Zoe. The first one which was to be Ten Life Lessons, ran into about 40 lessons. So I started a second one. Which, despite ruthless editing, still ended up with … Continue reading

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Garlic Pork Ribs with Harissa Sauce

I realise that I have no instinct for photography. Or maybe I’m not a solipsist and don’t think a picture of my food is of interest to anyone except me and my stomach. So, no pictures of this. Maybe next … Continue reading

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Of Love…

Scene: “What is the main problem you have with your family? “My parents.” “Could you be more specific?” “My parents, especially my mother, never listens to me, always puts me down, and is constantly nagging at me… to do the … Continue reading

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You cannot cross the same river

Two years. Huh. We decided that we should take a break and do things we used to do before Z came along. So I made dinner reservations at Akanoya. And we arranged for PL’s mum to baby sit Z while … Continue reading

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Thrill Seeking

Z wants to stand on her own two feet. So she has taken to standing and resisting being sat down. And she has also taken to pulling herself up to a standing position whenever someone offers her the opportunity. She’s … Continue reading

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