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Pull it up. Rip it off.

Z is using pull-ups. Diapers, that is. PL switched to that some time ago as she found it more convenient. If there is no poop, she can actually change Z, with Z standing up. It’s easy, you pull the new … Continue reading

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Tea with Lau Ma

Z has an unusual response to tea. Some weeks ago, we visited Z’s great grandmother (PL’s grandmother) and in the course of interacting with Lau Ma (Teochew for Maternal Great Grandmother), Z was curious as to what Lau Ma was … Continue reading

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Beware of what you wish for

Today, well Saturday (5 Mar), Zoe started walking fearlessly in public. We had been hoping for that for some time. We thought it would be a little easier for us. Beware of what you wish for. I’ve often wondered why … Continue reading

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High Chair Drifter

Z bullies her grandma. Or rather, her grandma spoils her. And lets her get away with murder. So I heard from PL that this afternoon, Z and her grandma went to KFC at Toa Payoh Central. At KFC, Z saw … Continue reading

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