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Clay Oven

When PL and I were in Denham, Western Australia (about 800 km North of Perth) recently, we stayed at the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park (in our rented motor home) for a couple of nights, and made a day trip to … Continue reading

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Winter is coming… in a Ferrari?

In a previous post, I explained that one name we could choose for our daughter is “Winter”. Because PL & I are fans of “Game of Thrones”, but there are enough names like Arya, Khaleesi, Danaerys, inspired by that TV … Continue reading

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Baby Heart Beat Checker app.

So apparently there is an app “babybeat checker” or something and once you have installed it, you can hold it to your belly and record the baby’s heartbeat. Then you play it back. And you will be rewarded with the … Continue reading

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Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

12 August 2014 If I am angry, it is because it seems weak to be sad If it hurts when it should not, it is only natural to strike out If it doesn’t make sense, I need to believe that … Continue reading

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Australian Riddles

Riddles I thought of while in Western Australia. (Try these on your kids). Q: What do you get when you cross a Cow and a Kangaroo? A: A Kowgaroo Q: Why did the farmer get a Kowgaroo? A: He wanted … Continue reading

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Top Ten Alternative uses for Vegemite

So PL loves Vegemite. You know, that quintessential component of “How Australian are You?” quiz? Which is similar to Marmite, and Bovril. The black, gooey, too-salty-to-be-possible substance that Australians spread on their toast? We saw a vegemite and cheese sausage … Continue reading

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Raising Hell – Winter is Coming

I didn’t know what to title this post. But let me explain the title then. First some background. I am a Perfect Catholic. I mean that ironically, of course. I used to be a practising Catholic. But when you have … Continue reading

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