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A laugh, a name, in the midst of pain

On the fourth day of the new year, Z laughed for the first time while awake. She had laughed before. In her sleep. I can only surmise that her dream life is funnier than her real life with us. Which … Continue reading

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Watching other parents struggle with strollers (a.k.a. perambulators, or “prams”) and their kids have informed PL and I that we will not be getting a stroller.

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Nothing to sneeze at

Zoe has a nemesis. Sneezes. I think she’s not quite sure what happens when she sneezes. Just as she is not quite sure what happens when she hiccups (See previous post). But she really REALLY doesn’t like sequential sneezes. So … Continue reading

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Advice for my girl

I started out writing “10 life lessons for Z”. Then I got carried away. I want to tell her about being Happy, being Relevant, Being considerate, Being a good person, Dealing with Life, impossible situations, unhappy situations, disappointment. Too ambitious? Yep. … Continue reading

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Retirement Plans II

There are going to be some changes to the CPF and I’m wondering… how should we respond. I was planning to go full Minimum Sum and use that as a my “pension” payouts. Then the panel recommended 3 retirement sums. … Continue reading

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A wistful father

I will never get to teach Z how to pee standing up. (Or I might anyway… and her pee dribbles down her legs… okay. maybe I won’t teach her to pee standing up. Too messy.) “She” blogs at

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If all’s well that ends well…

Saturday started out well. We had planned to throw Z into the jacuzzi in the morning, so the night before, I had programmed the jacuzzi to heat up the water. So at 8 am, it was a toasty 35 C. … Continue reading

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